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"tidier handling, higher comfort levels and less noise and vibration." - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

Top Gear Review

"A list price of £17,495 means the Impreza undercuts some of its rivals. What’s more, it comes with some decent kit. Part-leather heated seats, cruise control and a reversing camera are all included." - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review

"the Impreza can boast of being the only model of this size that is equipped with four-wheel drive as standard." - The Telegraph Contributing Editor Chris Knapman

The Telegraph Review

"Sublime. On the soaked Swedish roads that we tested on, the STI held on like fat-rubbered sports car in the dry." - Car Magazine Writer Damion Smy

Car Magazine Review


It’s a balancing act – maintaining your professional life, personal life, family, friends, passions and hobbies. There’s no reason why you can’t weave them all together when you have a Subaru in your life. With a solid connection to the road, the Subaru Impreza makes it that much easier to stay connected to your life. When you are less worried about the journey, you can focus on the destination. In rain, in snow, in sunshine. Do it all. And then some. Available in ice silver metallic, quartz blue pearl or crystal white pearl, the vehicle offers a stable, safe and enjoyable experience.

With ring shaped enforcement frames, the Impreza features frames with high tensile steep designs, for a strong and rigid, yet light in weight finish. Strengthened from the roof to the doors, pillars and floor, the cabin is designed to divert and dissipate energy away from the occupants in a collision.


With a fully intuitive voice recognition system, the vehicle enables its driver and passengers to interact with hands-free telephone and audio systems, for added ease on every journey. Featuring an illuminated metre, it helps to improve visibility when driving at night. The LCD centre display shows useful information such as which gear you are in, fuel gauge cruise control status and cruise speed, ensuring a comfortable journey. With a multifunction drive, and touch screen music selection control, you are shown a variety of information such as time, temperature and MPG, as well as having the ability to connect via your iPhone, smartphone or other mobile device via the USB or standard jack.

With a full intuitive entertainment programme to suit your needs, the Subaru starlink lets you use entertainment apps, grants access to news, weather, podcasts, audio books and more. Control it with its 7” touchscreen, multifunction steering wheel, or voice recognition, for the ultimate contemporary and classic finish.


The Subaru Impreza features a new 1.6 litre DOHC boxer engine, for a near-perfect symmetrical layout, delivery control and composure. With controlled cornering, improved traction in slippery conditions and enhanced acceleration, for a reliable design. The cabin protecting layout ensures a comfortable and safe devise, with a boxer engine and gearbox to break away and pass safely under the cabin in the event of a collision. With whiplash reducing front seats, energy absorbing head restraints and pretensioner’s seat belts, the Impreza assists in protecting its front occupants during a rear collision.

The engine is placed with the pistons 180 degrees apart, for a lower and flatter profile than that of other engine types, giving the overall vehicle a lower centre of gravity and an improved balanced distribution of weight, helping to reduce vibrations. This inherently rigid and self balancing flat design ensures the generation of less vibrations, for added durability and reliance. With DOHC and AVCS to enhance its performance, it delivers eager response at lower rpm, by combining response and exceptional efficiency, its an engine that will give you more fun with less fuel.

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