Subaru Levorg available at Maidstone Subaru

NCAP Value: Not Available

Emission: EURO 6

Insurance Group: 24E

Transmission: SEMI-AUTO

CO2: 164

Fuel Economy (Combined) : 39.8 mpg​

Engine Size: 1600

Car Tax: £180

New Subaru Levorg

Available at Subaru Maidstone

"its electric steering is precise, its suspension is firm but shrugs bumpy roads off well, while the handling is sharp. You can tell there’s a WRX STI buried under there somewhere, and you can achieve some surprisingly high cornering speeds, the Levorg always unruffled." - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

Top Gear Review

"it’s refreshingly simple, with one engine, one trim level and little in the way of confusing options. It’s also a solidly built, decently practical car" - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review

"The Subaru Levorg is a family estate car with four-wheel drive and lots of equipment" - The Telegraph Contributing Editor Chris Knapman

The Telegraph Review

Performance that transcends. Design that rises above. Made by perfectionists, for multitaskers. That moment when you've reached excellence in life - it feels great. And it feels even better when you're achieving highly in multiple areas. Some call it perfectionism; others consider it living life to the fullest. For those who continually strive to be better at everything, the Subaru Levorg was created.

Think of it less of an 'interior' and more of 'your personal space'. No different than an office, home, or any other space where you'll spend a lot of your time, the Levorg interior keeps you blissfully content with materials that are soft to the touch and supportive, with quality that allows it to endure the test of time. It's a place of taste and class - a reflection of your own sensibilities.

The Levorg is a vehicle built for people with full lives, always living life to the fullest. That's why it's versatile enough for all the activities, passions, sports and interests that you live for, with ample cargo space and flexibility for your endeavours. Imagine the possibilities.

There's a place where design and technology intersect, where form and function stand on equal ground. The Levorg exists in this sweet spot, blending useful functionality with eye-pleasing aesthetics wherever you look.

The Levorg makes its intentions clear with the hexagonal grille and muscular front end design with a fully functional hood-scoop that keeps the turbocharged SUBARU BOXER engine’s intercooler constantly refreshed with cool air.

The “Hawkeye” headlamps evoke images of the raptor, or bird of prey. Powered by LEDs, the headlamps have enough brightness to back up their aggressive style, providing all the illumination you’ll need.

The newest member of the SUBARU BOXER engine family, the 1.6-litre DIT engine achieves an ideal balance between efficiency, powerful performance, and low emissions. Utilising both direct fuel injection and a twin-scroll turbocharger results in more power and decreased petrol consumption.

The engines horizontally opposed configuration places the pistons 180 degrees apart, for a lower, flatter profile than that of other engine types. This gives the vehicle a lower centre of gravity, a lower profile, and an improved balance and distribution of weight. Unlike traditional 'inline' or 'v' engines configurations, the pistons' opposing movements inherently counteract each other, naturally helping to reduce vibration without the need for counter-balancers, which add weight and complexity.

Unburdened by having fixed gear ratios like a conventional automatic transmission, the Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission of the Levorg uses infinitely variable gear ratios to stay in the correct rev-range at all times, for smooth acceleration and enhanced efficiency.

To increase efficiency and decrease the size of the Lineartronic Transmission of the Levorg, Subaru reengineered it from the inside out. Key components like the chain belt and pulleys were revised to allow for a more compact size and effective operation.

For a more engaging experience, drivers can switch to manual mode and use the paddle shifters to experience the kind of responsive six-speed manual shifting you wouldn’t expect from a Continuously Variable Transmission, allowing drivers to enjoy the delight of sports driving.

SUBARU Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) allows a selection of engine and transmission characteristics according to the driver’s driving style, driving expectations, and driving situations. It offers two distinctive functions: Intelligent and Sport. Intelligent mode provides smoother acceleration and more efficient operation, whilst Sport mode offers a more exciting driving experience, with enhanced power and acceleration.

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